Samson celebrates the historic triumph. Thanks to the best Czech lager, it has won the prestigious world competition, even Pito has succeeded

Prague, September 20, 2018 - The Samson Brewery from České Budějovice achieved a historic success. The SAMSON lager was awarded in the prestigious World Beer Awards as the best lager of the Czech type produced in the Czech Republic. So far is the most important award in the modern history of the brewery founded in 1795 is on its way to České Budějovice. In addition, the non-alcoholic Pito proved to be successful in the international competition as well.

"We have taken up the success of our predecessors, who received many important awards at world brewery competitions and have built the glory of Budweiser beer from our brewery. Samson now belongs to the Premier league of world beers. The Czech lager is a renowned concept in the world, and it is a pleasure for us to brew the best Czech one here, in Samson," says Daniel Dřevikovský, General Manager of the Samson Brewery. "A big thank you goes to all our employees who have contributed to the success. Without recent massive investments of AB InBev, it would be almost impossible to succeed in such a tough competition. For our brewery team, the price is an impulse for further work to keep improving," adds Dřevikovský.

“Thanks to AB InBev's massive investment of about 400 million crowns, we have significantly increased the quality of our beer. Most of the money (73 percent) went into fermentation, aging and brewing technology. The rest of the total investment went to the bottler, logistics, engine room and laboratory," says Daniel Dřevikovský.

The World Beer Awards is one of the most prestigious international awards in beer industry. An international jury decides on the results of the competition. Its members from all over the world are capacities in their field. "The competition World Beer Awards has gained considerable prestige over the last five years and succeeding in it can significantly boost the export of the winning brand to the UK and other countries," says Pavel Borowiec, head of the World Beer Awards jury for the nomination of national winners, adding that the competition belongs among the top European beer contest.

The Samson Brewery does not rely solely on the flagship, which is the "twelve". Last year, also its "ten" won awards in the Czech Republic, in Samson, the legendary Pito for drivers, which is returning to the non-alcoholic beer pedestal, is being prepared. "Pito has won the silver medal for the Czech Republic in its category at the World Beer Awards in London. The award in the competition is just an imaginary icing on the cake. Contentment of our customers is the greatest satisfaction for us," says Kateřina Leštinová, Quality Manager and Head of the Samson Brewery laboratory.

Since mid-2014, Samson belongs to the Belgian-Brazilian AB InBev group. The results of the České Budějovice brewery are well appreciated by the company management. "Samson has been achieving excellent results lately. We appreciate the Czech beer tradition represented by Samson. Thanks to modern technology, it is now on the best path towards even greater success," says Fabio Riva, AB InBev Director for Legal Affairs.

The Samson brewery, a. s., České Budějovice belongs to the portfolio of AB InBev, the largest beer concern in the world. Its other brands include Stella Artois, Corona and Foster's. The Czech Republic, as a beer superpower, has been gaining an increasingly important position in its portfolio, the proof of which is investing in traditional brands such as Samson.

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